Welcome to my website, thank you for taking a few moments to look at my work.  I am interested in promoting my work for exhibition, commission, and publication online and in print.

I grew up in Middleburgh, New York. I attended Denison University for my BA in Studio Art and I received my MFA in Photography from Arizona State University. Since leaving my first home in the Catskill Mountains, I have moved, traveled and lived abroad extensively. I am influenced by my family’s migratory patterns and immigration history. Currently, I live in Oklahoma City and am excited to be in the heartland. I have taught photography for 14 years and am available for workshops surveying 19th-century processes, digital technologies, and professional development.

 I create a visual dialogue while photographing that is inspired by memories, intuition, and current events. I incorporate a variety of photo-media to focus my work closer to my conceptual goals. From digital to 19th-century photographic processes, my work describes my intuition and a variety of influences per each project.

You can contact me at alex at please send me your email so I can add you to my mailing list.