Welcome to my website, thank you for taking a few moments to look at my work.  I am interested in promoting my work for exhibition, commission, and publication online and in print.

I grew up in Middleburgh, New York. I attended Denison University for my BA in Studio Art and I received my MFA in Photography from Arizona State University. Since leaving my first home in the Catskill Mountains, I have moved, traveled and lived abroad extensively. I am influenced by my family’s migratory patterns and immigration history. Currently, I live in Oklahoma City and am excited to be in the heartland. I have taught photography for 10 years and am available for workshops survying 19th century processes, digital technologies, and professional development.

I identify as an artist who works with photo-media for the variety of outcomes appropriate to my conceptual goals. I create a visual dialogue while photographing that is inspired by memories, intuition, and current events. From digital to 19th century photographic processes, my work describes my thoughts as well as my “gut” responses through the pictures I make.

You can contact me at alex at please send me your email for updates on the "Contact" page.